Note: cluster focus areas are subject to change based on NSW Government priorities and responses to evolving customer needs.

Providing central agency leadership to ensure that the people of NSW have access to services and infrastructure that deliver social and economic benefits

Our long-term vision on how we see NSW Treasury transforming NSW:

  • a digital future-focused Treasury is a key enabler for both the sector and Treasury to deliver on our vision and outcomes.
  • success means enabling the sector directly by providing effective tools and technologies to measure outcomes and performance, enable efficient sector wide procurement, make it easier for small businesses to do business and contract with Government, supporting a Global future for NSW and supporting innovation across our precincts and industries. Underpinned by technology that enables our staff to deliver world class support to the sector and other stakeholders.

Horizon 1 (short term)

  • Co-design project with the sector to implement an Outcomes and Business Planning Platform
  • Implement a digital development framework to replace legacy system components, improve user interface design options and system responsiveness
  • Co-sponsor (with Department of Customer Service) the digital procurement transformation.
  • Deliver digital workplace tools to support collaboration and flexible working
  • Expand Treasury systems to support multi-site operations including off-shore offices
  • Increased cybersecurity controls for global access systems

Horizon 2 (medium term)

  • Design a future agency integration platform
  • Datamart design and enhanced reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced digital presence for international audiences
  • Modernise our approach to storage, access and use of data and records for day to day processes and reporting

Horizon 3 (long term)

  • Adopt predictive analytics tools to support decision making for outcomes and performance for the sector


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