Engage and use data insights

Our long-term goals

Delivering exceptional customer experiences and powerful socio-economic outcomes requires unlocking the true potential of data as an asset.

Data and actionable insights will become entrenched across NSW Government. We will use and manage data to underpin our decisions while strengthening transparency and trust.

When sharing information with our customers we will ensure it is easy to understand and consistent across all digital channels. Based on customer consent we will identify what data is important and make it accessible. We will also govern data for privacy and unlock its potential using technologies such as artificial intelligence.

We will:

  • ensure safe and ethical sharing of data to innovate and make better decisions
  • leverage real-time data to improve customer experiences across public and private sector services
  • ensure data shared with our customers is easy to understand and encourages positive action
  • identify, make available and govern data for use in emerging technology and predictive capabilities.
“Data driven decisions will continue to drive how we respond to challenges whether it’s a natural disaster or the pandemic. Leveraging the power of data, we can safeguard our customer privacy, reduce risk and enhance customer experiences.” Ian Opperman, NSW Government Chief Data Scientist

Building towards our future

NSW Government data strategy

Establishes a whole of government approach to managing, using and sharing data and insights. It includes a statutory review of the Data Sharing (Government Sector) Act, ensuring we’re ready for the future and can maintain the highest privacy, security, and ethical standards.

Data Analytics Centre’s (DAC)

Drives NSW government capability in data analytics and is focused on building world-class capabilities in whole of government data analytics to improve outcomes for citizens of NSW. The NSW DAC, the first of its kind in Australia, collaborates with government agencies to solve complex problems.

Open data

Our focus on open data leads to a more transparent government, improved customer engagement, and better service delivery. There have been 11.5 billion API hits through opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au and over 15,000 datasets available via the NSW state government open portal

Behavioural Insights Unit

Supports NSW agencies to uplift their capability in using evidence with behavioural sciences to identify and eliminate Sludge, the unnecessary frictions that get in the way of a good customer interaction with government.

Assuring use of data

The Digital Restart Fund assesses investment requests and ensures we consider using customer data insights and validate that open data is published and made available.

Our strategic objectives are

Use real-time customer feedback to improve customer services

Agencies will have access to customer experience information by using real-time data analytics, feedback widgets and leveraging products that enable our customers to engage on future policies, investments, and infrastructure plans.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • using the Have Your Say platform enables our communities to have input on new government projects, services and policy
  • implementing Customer Sentiment checks (thumbs up / down) in NSW customer applications
  • using web analytics for analysis of improving customer experiences
  • leveraging our Customer Insights Hub to proactively identify opportunities for customer service improvement
  • giving patients the opportunity to provide direct, timely feedback about their health-related experiences and outcomes via the Patient Reported Measures Program.
Ensure our customers receive consistent and easy to understand information

NSW government will take a customer centred approach to how we engage with our communities. This means we’ll know when we’re communicating to the same customer ensuring information is easy to understand and consistent.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • better co-ordination across government advertising campaigns
  • continued evolution to have nsw.gov.au as the primary information source for our customers
  • evolving our digital channels to be consistent and more seamless via our one customer experience (OneCX) strategy.
Create services and communications based on customer needs using data and behavioural insights

We will use behavioural science to analyse and better understand feedback from our customers and determine what they want and how they want it. There are a range of behaviourally informed approaches available to us to help improve our understanding of customer pain points and develop solutions that increase engagement and deliver better outcomes for our community.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

  • the broader use of sludge audits, a behaviourally informed method to help public servants identify and understand customer pain points
  • using evidence from behavioural science to create more customer centric solutions
  • applying rigorous testing methodologies to determine what works for our customers.
Make available data that can improve customer experiences, social and economic outcomes

We want to be the best state to live, work, and play. This means we need to be smart in how we manage and use data. NSW will identify and make data available to the right people at the right time, so that the best decisions can be made.

Examples of how we’ll do this include:

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