Customer Service

Note: cluster focus areas are subject to change based on NSW Government priorities and responses to evolving customer needs.

Building great customer service for NSW

Our long-term vision on how we see the Department of Customer Service transforming NSW:

  • excellence in customer service - Government services are accessible, convenient and customer-focused.
  • digital leadership and innovation in government services - Enhanced data and analytics insights drive citizen value, and the NSW government is a world leader in service delivery and digital innovation.
  • competitive, fair and secure markets - Regulation for businesses and citizens is fair, accessible and simple. Citizens, businesses and industry have confidence in the NSW regulatory environment.

Horizon 1 (short term)

  • Government made easy (tell us once)
  • Life journeys (birth of a child, end of life)
  • Digital birth certificate
  • AI for improved customer experience
  • Modernise licensing and compliance
  • Consolidate government websites
  • E-invoicing MVP
  • Simplify digital procurement systems
  • Secure and seamless payments
  • Digitise construction-related processes
  • Digital Twin Western Sydney
  • Government service performance dashboard
  • Accelerate delivery via digital restart fund services
  • Digital design system
  • National integrated single sign-on
  • DAC analytics and data.nsw platform expansion
  • Strategic partnerships to deliver to Beyond Digital
  • Grow start-up and SME business in NSW
  • Trial digital alternatives to physical infrastructure
  • Cyber monitoring, response and capabilities
  • Service NSW for business program
  • Uplift our digital capabilities
  • Mobile blackspots and regional connectivity

Horizon 2 (medium term)

  • Increased personalisation of government services
  • AI for government records management
  • Omni-channel cross customer experience
  • Government as a platform experience (state and federal)
  • Retrain staff for emerging technology opportunities (e.g. AI)
  • Cross government workflow automation
  • Integrated real-time data network for frontline
  • Regional digital workforce
  • Agency mobility (move within government)
  • Self-service government product design and deployment
  • Predictive cyber event response
  • Internal service management and integration skills
  • Employee experience (Shared ERP)
  • E-Invoicing full deployment
  • Biometric security for customer privacy
  • IOT platforms and services
  • Sustain and improve revenue capture and reduce customer effort to comply

Horizon 3 (long term)

  • Predictive and automated customer services
  • Seamless place-based customer experiences
  • Automated and mixed reality for employee collaboration and training
  • Augmented and mixed reality for improved customer services
  • Government service anomaly detection
  • Blockchain (e.g. procurement and supply chain)
  • Advanced contract analytics
  • Automated cyber event response
  • Delivering assured revenue for the NSW Government
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