ICT assurance for reviewers

Gateway Reviews, Health Checks and Deep Dive Reviews are conducted in accordance with the Review Guidelines (included in the ‘Resources’ tab of this webpage) by a highly experienced Review Team who are independent of the Delivery Agency and project team. Reviewers could be drawn from peers or independent of government.

The ICT Assurance Framework (IAF) provides further detail on the processes.

The selected review team will possess the skills, capability and experience to enable it to provide relevant assessment and advice.

For Tier 1 and 2 projects – High Profile/High Risk projects, independent reviewers forming the Review Team should be drawn from high profile industry experts and may, with the approval of the GCIDO, involve a NSW Government expert.

For Tier 3, 4 and 5 projects, independent reviewers forming the Review Team can include individuals currently employed with the NSW Government if they are independent of the Delivery Agency and project team.

Review Teams are typically comprised of a Review Team Leader (RTL) and at least one Review Team Member (RTM).

Review Team Leader (RTL)

The Review Team Lead has the overall responsibility for the delivery of a high quality, succinct and clear Review Report. The Review Team Lead leads the Review process throughout the Project Briefing and the stakeholder interviews.

Review Team Member (RTM)

A Review Team Member is selected due to their background, experience and specialist skills applicable to a particular project or program. A Review Team Member works with the Review Team Lead and other Review Team Members to collect and evaluate evidence provided by the delivery agency (documentation and stakeholder interviews) in accordance with the Review Terms of Reference and the relevant Guidelines. A Review Team Member provides high-quality input into the final Review Report, including the Review’s recommendations.

Join the ICT Assurance Expert Review Panel

Thank you for your interest in the IAF Expert Reviewer Panel. We currently have a full complement of Expert panel members with the requisite skills to meet the existing and forecast demand for ICT Assurance Reviews.

ICT Assurance are continually refreshing the Panel based on Government priorities and demand, therefore opportunities may exist at a later stage.

NSW ICT Assurance Expert Reviewer Panel Community of Practice (ERPCoP)

The NSW ICT Assurance Expert Reviewer Panel Community of Practice (ERPCoP) has been established to give the ICT/Digital Investment and Assurance team and members of the ERP a forum to share the best ways to establish and deliver gateway reviews, share knowledge with peers and assist with problem solving. The ERPCoP will be held at least twice a year and will be a learning and teaching platform and a great opportunity for networking.

For more information please email [email protected].


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